WYTHALL W.I. HISTORY, 1989 to present day

In 1989 a sampler embroidered by members was hung in the Village Hall and there were still 120 members with a waiting list. Productions of pantomimes, etc. still continued with the “Last Night of the Proms” in 1990. At the end of the evening a toast to Wythall WI was taken to the “F” Plan – fresh air, food, freedom and friendship.

We continued participating in the Carnival until 2000 when Health and Safety regulations banned floats being used. During that time we received several prizes including 1st prize in 2000. We did continue to have cake, book, bottle and produce stalls until 2019.

Keep Fit classes commenced in 1992 and still continue to this day. In 1993 a banner was unveiled called “Wythall for Friendship” And is still used at every meeting. The membership was still very high at 114 with an average of 85 members. During this time Discussion group was formed and still ran to this day.

Local and worldwide charities are still supported, including Food Banks in recent years.

In 1997 we were some of the first people to use the newly opened Channel Tunnel for a day trip to Calais.

2008 saw us being twinned with Salwarpe WI and we still have yearly get togethers and are one of the very few WI’s who continue to meet up.

In 2016, our then President Anne Laugharne attended the Centenary AGM at the Albert Hall and during 2017 we were successful in helping to establish another WI called Pearls of Wythall.

When Corona Virus struck in 2020, after just 2 meetings, they were halted but due to Zoom, emails and telephone calls, etc. Wythall WI has continued to keep in touch with members.

Each year we always organise outings, theatre trips, Quizzes, Birthday Parties in October, Auctions, scrapbooks, Christmas Shows, handicrafts and lots more.